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Edify Consulting was established in 2016 with the aim of helping students that wish to pursue higher education abroad. Edify –a prestigious name in the field of foreign education strive to provide complete admission services to a wide range student from various study background. Working with a wide range of Universities around the globe, our mission is to give what students look for their career and future through higher education.

operation in Pakistan

Edify is in operation in Pakistan for over two years, starting off in Lahore and in a short span of time it has expanded network of universities around the world. In view of our cohesive and consistent best working strategies, the number of foreign admission aspirants has tremendously increased – a matter of pride for the management, and all others associated with our commercial entity. Our operations are on ways to expand and soon we are opening offices in other cities in Pakistan.

university representation

Based on its credibility and strategic approach, Edify has consistently been expanding its panel university representation. To date, it represents over 80 British, 60 American, 15 Australian universities and many more from other countries. More than half are ranked amongst the Top 25 institutions in the world. Above all, the company is a pride itself on being a representative of Top Institutes like University of Glasgow, University of Sheffield, City University London, SOAS, Royal Holloway University of London, Queens University of Belfast, University of Kent, and Brunel University London are few names.

education consultancy

Edify has established a strong reputation within the education segment allowing it to recruit students from a variety of institutions, subjects and backgrounds. Accordingly, Edify has made its mark within the education consultancy sector, attracting increasing number of clients in successive years.
Edify strongly believes in captivating the maximum potential from each student and endeavors to provide a platform on which the students can enrich their future upon!

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Featured Scholarships


A bursary and scholarship may help you fund your studies. The most common types of scholarships for studying abroad include:

These scholarships are based on a student’s academic record or extracurricular activities such as sporting achievements & service to the community.

These are scholarships for students who qualify based on factors such as gender, race, religion, family and medical history.

These are scholarships awarded by a government or university to students from a particular country.

These are scholarships a university or institution awards to students who plan to pursue a specific field of study.

All universities offer different scholarships, to find out more about scholarships available at your future University, contact us!!